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MTM`s service for students

As a student with a reading disability, you can borrow your course literature in the form of a talking book, braille book or e-textbook. Take advantage of MTM's service by contacting the university library.

En student som väljer mellan formaten talbok, punktskriftsbok och e-textbok.Getting started guide for students

 You can find course literature in Legimus, our online catalogue.

  1. You can borrow books at the university library
  2. At the library you can also learn how to download talking books
  3. You can read talking books in different ways; on the computer, on a mobile device or in a player 
  4.  If you don´t find your course literature in Legimus, order it at the university library

Borrowing university literature

In Legimus you will find both course literature and a great deal of light reading.

You can borrow in two ways:

  1. Visit the library 
  2. Download via the Personal Download Service

Choose the method that best suits you!

Borrowing books at the library and returning them

At the library, you can borrow talking books and e-textbooks on CD. Many libraries also allow you to borrow memory cards or USB sticks. 

You must return the borrowed item to the library.

Downloading books and deleting them when finished

You can borrow talking books and e-textbooks by downloading them from Legimus to your computer.

You can register an account for the Personal Download Service at the library.

You must delete the book when you have finished reading it.

Order Braille

Order Braille in Legimus or from our Brailleservice. You will recieve your books by mail. Leave the book to recycling when you're finished.


Phone: +46 40-653 27 20
Mail: punktskrift@mtm.se

Can't find it in Legimus?

If a piece of course literature is not found in Legimus, you can order it at the university library. We will record or adapt obligatory course literature.

Bring your reading list to the library when you make your order. If you are writing your thesis, you can instead present a note from your supervisor.

You should allow as much time as possible. It takes us 6 to 12 weeks to produce a new talking book, e-textbook or braille book. You recieve a mail when the book is ready.

The library can answer any questions relating to your order.

Reading talking books

There are different ways of reading talking books - on a computer, on a mobile device or with a DAISY player.

Give them a try and choose the method that best suits you. And remember: it's easy!

Read in your computer with a software digital player

Software digital players have many advantages when you read a talking book om your computer. You can personalise the players via a number of settings and navigate through books on different levels. You can for example

  • see the text and images on the screen (only for talking books that contain text!)  
  • turn off reading of picture descriptions  
  • add bookmarks  
  • adjust the length of pauses and the reading speed

Anyone can use MTM’s webplayer “webbspelaren” free of charge, but for students we offer the program EasyReader. We do this because EasyReader is better for reading course literature.

To order a software digital player

  1. Download EasyReader. You will find the links at the end of this side.
  2. Install the program an log in using your Legimus account.
  3. Done!

The app Legimus for mobile phone or tablet

By using your mobile device you can easily take your talking book with you, wherever you go. The Legimus app is available for both iPhone / iPad and Android and can be installed for free via App Store and Google Play.

Download a talking book

  1. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Sign in to the app
  3. Search for the book in the app and add it
  4. Start reading the book online or download it first to your phone or tablet

Talking book players

There are many players for talking books on the market. Some university libraries loan out talking book readers.


As a student who reads braille, you can also borrow braille books by order them via Legimus or at your library. Contact MTM for an Braille account.  

Braille books

Apart from books, we also adapt compendia and articles for braille. The material must be obligatory literature for your course. Order new books at your university library.


E-textbooks consist of text files without sound and require you to have the program Textview installed on your computer. You will also need a screen reader and braille display or speech synthesis on your computer. Textview is only available for PC, not for Mac.

If you wish to order course literature in e-text form, please contact your university library.

Tactile images

When you order a new braille book, you can also request tactile images. This may be graphical figures in the book that have important content. The images will be reproduced using swell paper technology, i.e. black and white images in which the lines and surfaces are embossed.

Braille account

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StängtTel 040-653 27 10E-post: info@mtm.se

Punktskrifts- och prenumerationsservice

Stängt040-653 27 20E-post: punktskrift@mtm.se
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